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Vladimir Kramnik | photo: Sergey Tyagin, Itogi Sergey Shipov’s review of 2012 Sergey Shipov to commentate on the rapid tie-breaks Game 11 drew some impressive kibitzers: here Max Dlugy, Mark Glukhovsky, Vladimir Kramnik, Dmitry Jakovenko and Peter Svidler | photo: Anastasia Karlovich ...but Anand's 8...Bd7 gave him a lot to think about | photo: Vladimir Barsky/Eteri Kublashvili Sergey Shipov's commentary on Anand-Gelfand, Game 8 Two cats and three computers: Sergey Shipov at work Sergey Shipov's commentary on the Anand-Gelfand match Anand's WhyChess interview Sergey Shipov to commentate live on Kramnik – Aronian The rise and rise of Mateusz Bartel Giri at Tata Steel 2012 | photo: Fred Lucas Ilyumzhinov | photo: Chess Moscow Averbakh: "History is written by the victors" Ivanchuk: "I could have become a writer" Karpov, Kramnik and Kasparov on Spassky Spassky: "I knew the openings badly" Kramnik: Tseshkovsky “loved chess too much” Magnus Carlsen: Not a child of the computer era Your questions for GM Judit Polgar Svidler: "I'm not prepared to become someone else" Grischuk on the World Cup Svidler on his path to the World Cup World Cup Finals, Day 4: Svidler claims the Cup World Cup Finals, Day 3: The show goes on World Cup Finals, Day 2: Ivanchuk strikes World Cup Finals, Day 1: Svidler lands the first blow World Cup Semis, Day 3: Grischuk wins thriller World Cup Semis, Day 2: Svidler! Leko explains his break from chess Svidler: "The circus is travelling to Khanty" Morozevich demonstrates his win against Svidler Svidler demonstrates his win against Timofeev Morozevich and Grischuk demonstrate their wins Bareev playing basketball before setting off for China Karjakin interviewed after winning the 2010 ACP Rapid Cup | photo: Boris Bukhman Morozevich: "The Higher League wasn’t in my plans" Moscow bids for Anand-Gelfand match (updated) Morozevich's commentary on a trademark win Makarycheva interviews Tkachiev on NTV during the Golden Blitz tournament in Moscow in 2005 | photo: Misha Savinov, ChessBase Ilya Levitov: "For me, classical chess is opera" It's the end of classical chess as we know it (and I feel fine) Boris Gelfand at Amber this year | photo: Fred Lucas, Gaddafi makes the first move (with the black pieces) Ilyumzhinov and Gaddafi hug | photo: Reuters/Libya TV Aronian at the last ever Amber | photo: Fred Lucas, Gelfand was met in the airport by his family | photo: Alexander Gelfand and his team after winning the Candidates Final | photo: Moscow Chess Federation It seems a long time ago now! Pre-tournament favourite, Levon Aronian, and eventual winner, Boris Gelfand, at the opening ceremony. | photo: Gelfand was surprised by his opponent in the opening today! | photo: Moscow Chess Federation Early stages | photo: Moscow Chess Federation God created man, but the Queen's Gambit made them equal Gata Kamsky | photo: Shipov's live commentary on the Candidates Final, Game 3 Shipov's live commentary on the Candidates Final, Game 2 Gelfand mocks Grischuk's efforts to win the endgame | photo: Eyes down, but happy Both Kramnik and Grischuk made the time control with seconds to spare | photo: Shipov's live commentary on the Candidates SF, Game 3 Gelfand fought to the death | photo: Kramnik: I thought of banning castling before the 10th move Shipov's live commentary on the Candidates SF, Game 1 Hall of mirrors - Grischuk and Aronian can't see the audience | photo: Kramnik and Radjabov's post-match press conference Shipov's live commentary on Candidates QF, Game 4 Kamsky hanging on to his lead | photo: After the game Kramnik admitted that his winning chances hadn't been stellar, but joked that Carlsen always wins such drawn endings | photo: Aronian picks the white pieces | photo: Evgeny Surov, In an interview on Ukraine's Pershyi National TV channel, Andriy Slyusharchuk explained he played Rybka as Houdini wasn't released when he began preparing. Although he rated Houdini as better (more human), he said he'd only need a couple of weeks preparation to beat it as well! | photo: Chess in Krakow Ivanchuk at Monaco | photo: Fred Lucas, Ivanchuk in Monaco this year | photo: Fred Lucas, Judit Polgar: "I love chess" Vladimir Potkin, European Champion | photo: Blondes have more fun Shipov's final letter from Aix-les-Bains Blondes versus brunettes Danailov's dances Jolanta Zawadzka, playing in Aix-les-Bains, won this year's Polish Championship | photo: Alexander Khalifman in Aix-les-Bains The Massacre of the Innocents - Nicolas Poussin Feller at the Olympiad | photo: First impressions from Aix-les-Bains The future belongs to 1. g3! Anti-hero? Evgeny Vasiukov on Viktor Korchnoi "I don't consider chess a game. It's theatre." GM Ruslan Ponomariov answers your questions: Part II The winner, Anna Muzychuk Le Quang Liem | photo: Can you match Garry Kasparov? Ponomariov at Tata Steel 2011 | photo: Fred Lucas, Silvio Danailov | photo: Chessbase Che Guevara observing Taimanov's game at the 1964 Capablanca Memorial in Havana Levitov on the collapse of the London match Ivanchuk at the market in Lviv Hikaru Nakamura giving the winner's speech Anand in determined mood | photo: Fred Lucas, 16-year-old Anish Giri was within a whisker of beating the World Champion | photo: Fred Lucas, Hikaru Nakamura - the man to catch | photo: Fred Lucas, Who needs autographs, when you can get your own question answered? :) | photo: Fred Lucas, Shipov's live commentary on Tata Steel Chess 2011, Rd 10 Standing out from the crowd | photo: Fred Lucas, Magnus "Terminator" Carlsen | photo: Fred Lucas, Anand plays the Sicilian | photo: Fred Lucas, The game had a powerful opening idea from Gandalf-Nepomniachtchi Levon Aronian: Magician Banking on Kasparov It was a bad day at the office for the Russian Champion | photo: Fred Lucas, Nakamura, now leading Group A, watches McShane, now leading Group B | photo: Fred Lucas Anand-Kramnik in Round 2 | photo: Alina L'Ami, Aronian all at sea in round 1? | photo: Alina l'Ami, Sergey Shipov commentating live on Tata Steel Chess 2011 Vasily Smyslov | photo: Fred Grinburg RIA Novosti Gashimov: "I've got a will to win" Kasparov presents the London trophy to Carlsen | photo: Ray Morris-Hill Silver medal in Moscow | photo: Svidler at the 2010 Russian Championship. Maria Fominykh's caption to this photo: "Whenever Svidler appeared in the press centre he was the centre of attention. People keep saying that chess needs professional commentators. We've found at least one, but for now he plays chess too well." | photo: ChessPro Kramnik at the London Chess Classic | photo: Ray Morris-Hill Nepomniachtchi at the drawing of lots | photo: Kramnik's Berlin Wall holds | photo: Mark Crowther, Vladimir Kramnik | photo: Ray Morris-Hill Shipov's live commentary on the London Classic, Rd 5 Shipov's live commentary on the London Classic, Rd 4 Shipov's live commentary on the London Classic, Rd 3 Hikaru Nakamura's private birthday party | photo: Hikaru Nakamura in Round 1 | photo: Ray Morris-Hill Your questions for GM Ruslan Ponomariov Svidler giving the winner's speech at the Gibtelecom Chess Festival 2009 Spassky at the Gibraltar Chess Congress 2009 Grischuk - Radjabov during the Blitz World Championship | photo: Chess-News Maria Fominykh interviews Aronian Kramnik and the robot Evgeny Surov: "At exactly ten o’clock (seven hours after play began) Grischuk and Nakamura shook hands. Your correspondent was a witness to how his daughter saved the game for her father. When Alexander’s position was completely hopeless Masha loudly repeated about 100 times: “Daddy won’t lose!” And then another 50 times: “Daddy will win!” Masha was the first person after Nakamura to congratulate Grischuk on his good result. | photo: Chess-News Job done | photo: Hikaru Nakamura | photo: Mikhail Tal and contemporary chess Mamedyarov, the new leader | photo: Chess-News Nakamura-Shirov, as Karjakin looks on | photo: Chess-News Maria Fominykh interviews Levon Aronian | photo: Chess-News It's been a tough tournament for Shirov so far | photo: Odessky (left) talking to Genna Sosonko | photo: Chess-News Shipov on the Tal Memorial Rd 3 Carlsen and the Candidates - a retrospective Gelfand and Kramnik in Moscow | photo: Aronian at the Tal Memorial drawing of lots Svidler plays cricket in Gibraltar | photo: Chessbase Alexei Shirov and his daughter at the Bilbao Masters Final 2010 | © Fred Lucas, from Chessbase report Ilya Odessky with Vugar Gashimov | photo: Chessdom The Kid Carlsen Grischuk interviewed at Crestbook Kramnik: For now Magnus is my "client" Ivanchuk at the Olympiad | photo: Shipov's live commentary on Anand - Carlsen Shipov's live commentary on Carlsen - Shirov Carlsen-Kramnik in Round 4 Shipov's live commentary on Anand - Kramnik Shipov's live commentary on Carlsen - Anand Carlsen and Kramnik at the London Chess Classic | photo: Update on the Gashimov saga Silver Medallists | photo: Peter Svidler | photo: "Fortune beckoned... then melted into thin air" Sergey Karjakin | photo: Russia-2 taking things a little easier | photo: Khalifman and Bareev | photo: Russia-USA in the Russian press "It's genuine class" - Bareev on Grischuk's Houdini act "If it comes to an endgame the trainers need Validol" The Russian team hotel | photo: Kramnik: "99% of the chess world was rooting for Anand" Sergey Shipov previews the Olympiad Ponomariov: "Since becoming World Champion I haven’t worn that lucky sweater once" *FAKE* "Kirsan released into space" Gashimov beats Shirov in Spanish League Anatoly Karpov | photo: Malakhov at the opening of last month's Russia-China match | photo: The great Anand's little ideas - part III Wojtaszek in the Spanish League | photo: Kalmykia monument and steppe | photo: Kamsky wins in Mainz | photo: Christian Bossert Interviews from the World Junior Championship The forgotten recollections of Chigorin's daughter Khalifman at the Minsk Open 2010 | photo: The great Anand's little ideas - part I Karpov proposes holding Candidates Matches in Kiev "One of those things that distinguish us from the Neanderthals" Making a drama out of a crisis The Polish Chess Federation responds Silvio Danailov, taken from Wojtaszek on being Anand's second Kazan, Russia Shipov's live commentary on Mamedyarov - Ponomariov Shipov's live commentary on Le Quang Liem - Kramnik Shipov’s live commentary on Kramnik – Naiditsch Shipov’s live commentary on Ponomariov – Kramnik Shipov’s live commentary on Kramnik – Le Quang Liem Ilyumzhinov: Chuck Norris owes me a bottle of whisky Karpov and the stolen manuscript Kramnik on competing with Carlsen Kramnik: "Kasparov took that sporting defeat as a declaration of war" Didier Drogba Women's Chess Champion Kosteniuk wishes Kramnik a happy birthday Fischer unleashes his "river variation" on Gligorić at the 1958 Interzonal Welcome! Classical Anand, Romantic Topalov Karpov on the Pozner show Spassky played a match with Korchnoi in 2009 White to move and win The unplayed 32...Kf8 Laznicka, the vengeful forest animal? Rauf Mamedov on the Chinese School