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  1. OMG, this is so cool! Of course it helps that I know Krakow quite well, but your imitation of ChessBase-style is absolutely fabulous. (And you tactfully avoided copying their obsession with feminine corporeal beauty!)

    I think I recognize Andrzej Filipowicz, an international arbiter of quite a fame, sitting next to The Alienator on the fifth picture from the top. Many, many, many years ago I was a guest in his Warsaw apartment. I might have even played (I mean ‘lost’) a game against him, but I do not remember :(

  2. For me it was also an interesting and fun read, and I have never been to Krakow (or Poland as a whole). If you look well enough, it actually has “female beauty” (e.g. fifth and sixth photo from the bottom) …. .

    Any chance you travel to Kazan for a similar report from the candidates event? ,:)

  3. hi misha,

    thanks for another fine job (including some nice shots) well done.
    and some thousands thanks added for your regular translations of shipovs comments which i never would be able to read without your work.
    please, do continue…

    i bow to you.


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