4 responses to “Ivanchuk: “I could have become a writer””

  1. It’s good to hear that some of the grandmasters exchange literature!
    That Kramnik is a reader of Proust is fitting well.
    And…that story about Ivantschuk’s experience on the train is really nice.

  2. fantastic that someone finally interviewed the real Chucky.

  3. Mr. Ivanchuk sounds to be an real Chess Artist; intelligence and love to chess as an art, just like love to literature.

    That interview remained my belief in chess as an art. Old School Man Ivanchuk is very “human” and wise comparing to these kids who got their feeling from “beating and making opponent sweat”

    Maybe that’s why Mr. Ivachuk is not a World Champion, but it doesn’t matter: to be Bronstein like artist is in my opinion more than be a champion!

  4. It’s inspiring to note that chess legends like Mr. Ivanchuk has been supporting the game to encourage the youth to play it as well for their own good and development. Well, chess holds great positive consequences towards the young generation. It is indeed vital to be integrated to school programs for it is not only a fun game but also an intellectual game for everyone.

    http://smartdolphins.net/ is also behind supporting the proposal to take chess into the classrooms.

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