7 responses to “Judit Polgar: “I love chess””

  1. “But wouldn’t you like, just once, to play in a strong women’s tournament (for example, in the World Championship or somewhere where the best female players would be present) and show everyone who’s who? ”

    I like “and show everyone who’s who?” part most!

    It obviously meant – don’t you really want to wipe those poor girls of the board at least once in your life?!! :)

    Its interesting that on Kosteniuk’s website this question if different..

  2. Rio de Janeiro, 13 de abril de 2011.

    Prezado Mishanp!

    Another great interview well translated by this great site!


    Aquele abraço!

    Álvaro Frota

  3. Thanks very much for translating this interesting interview!

  4. Mishanp I hope you had a good vacation but man it’s time to get back to work ! Waiting impatiently (biting nails) for the next article.

  5. Man am I glad you are back !

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