8 responses to “Remembering Smyslov”

  1. Mishanp

    Thank you for the wonderful translation ! Its so deep and insightful. I need to read it some more times.

  2. Hi, Colin. The photo of Smyslov playing MMB is surely not 1957. to me it looks like Groningen 1946, especially as Stoltz is looking on and Yanofsky is in the distance. Regards, Bernard C

  3. Sigh…. one of those moments when I repent being born 40 years too late -:(

    Thank you.

  4. Wonderful – thank you very much! :-)

  5. I’m 61. I find it exhilirating to have played over and over the games of Smyslov and his predecessors.

  6. Excellent contribution to our chess comunity! Thank you very much for your work (also for Shipov annotations)

  7. A wonderful read – Thank you so much
    John E Hawkes

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