5 responses to “Mark Taimanov at 85”

  1. Amazing photo of Nakamura at Tata Steel. An intense portrait of concentration.

  2. Could you please create a “best of” or “golden treasury of” ChessInTranslation? A tag or a page?

    It should have links to this page, and interviews of Spassky, Chucky etc. Maybe also the KID article….

    Let it be at your discretion (possibly based on comments by idlers like me) as to which article deserves to go there.

  3. Also the article by Odessky (during tal memorial, was it?)

  4. Thank you for these interesting excerpts from
    the life of a great artist!

    > For an 85-year-old man, Taimanov has an usual family situation

    unusual (I suppose)

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