5 responses to “Danailov: “Chess should either change, or die””

  1. ah, always nice to read his crap.

  2. Immune from irony, the architect of Toiletgate, lectures us on what is in the best interests of chess.

    While he’s at it, this supposedly neutral head of the European Chess Union can’t manage to disguise his hostility toward one of Europe’s best players, Kramnik. Why? Because the former World Champion was the innocent target of Danailov’s trumped up cheating allegations, and the whole sordid affair blew up in Danailov’s face while the whole world was watching. He obviously is immune from shame as well….

  3. wow, I didn’t know Topalov was married. I hope his decline never stops and the whole Danailov mafia gets eradicated from the chess scene forever.

  4. i hope your decline begins and never stops philidor [DELETED] topalov the best player

  5. Geez, this douche again. I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and read what he has to say, then he comes out with: “The 30 seconds a move increment (and any increment in general!) should be abandoned. That’s essentially deprived fans of the enthralling spectacle of time trouble.” What a clown.

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