10 responses to “Karjakin reflects on moving up in the world”

  1. Thanks. Karjakin seems very sensible and level-headed. I hope he achieves even more great things in the future!

  2. Thanks, great interview!
    Just one (tentative) “correction”:
    “in Bazna I managed to win a beautiful game against Ivanchuk, but if I’d played that game in rapid chess I wouldn’t have found the winning combination”
    I somehow think he means the (other) game, the one he won with the black pieces.

    “I’ve got more invitations, but perhaps I’ll have to reject some of them.”

  4. Bit funny that he earned his place at all the tournaments: Bilbao at Bazna, RusCh by finishing 1/2 last year and I assume the worldcup as well by reaching the final in the last edition.

  5. Off-topic but re: your post on WhyChess, just some info – Chennai is the new name (or old old name) of Madras – which is where the Anand-Dreev match was held in 1991. So full circle !

  6. Strictly speaking, the Tal Chess Club was located inside (and supported by) the Russian Culture Centre – Vishy played a lot of blitz there – i don’t think he received any lessons :)

  7. The Hindu used to be pretty much the only newspaper that provided decent chess coverage. Not sure if that is still the case, but here is an article in the Hindu, where the reporter hasn’t missed the fact that Anand “may get a chance to defend his World title at home”


    As for most of the rest of the Indian media, they might as well be reporting about baseball. The Nielsen/Carlsen mixup is one recent example. The other more glaring incident was when a completely ignorant guy was interviewing Anand’s dad for a leading TV channel – and was asking “What do you think about Vishy’s victory!” etc. That was so completely unforgivable for a local guy.

  8. Sorry if this is profound naivete, but I would not have imagined that people throwing games could be a problem at that level.

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