14 responses to “Evgeny Bareev: “A lot of people live in China””

  1. No hard feelings between Svidler and Bareev, it seems! People do respect Bareev a lot as a trainer…

  2. The person in the last photo is a goalkeeper or an egyptian dancer?!
    Good luck to all.

  3. World Team Chess Championship 2011 Ningbo, China
    LIVE Games and updates available here

  4. so you’re not gonna do the live commentary here??

    due to some reason, the whychess page doesn’t load on my machine -:(

  5. @chandler: I had to reload the whychess stream a few times before it worked for me. It takes a while to load when it’s busy.

  6. almost missed the aronian part2 since i only look at columns on left. no time to write up the usual preview, I guess.

    WhyChess has ruined my life! No interviews of Bareev, or the players. And couldn’t read Shipov either!!
    This site’s got a mistress on the side, and I don’t like it one bit.

  7. Mishanp,
    This website has been a landing area every day as part of my daily ritual. Will you be full time with whychess.org henceforth?
    I understand the bills part but dont kill this baby :)

  8. OK… atleast keep telling you wife the things yuo do with your mistress. i.e. put up the links to ALL the chess stuff you translate some place on this site (a dedicated page for mistress-stuff).

    Reason is that whychess has a lot stuff i don’t care about; but i’m interested in anything you do translate.

    So do make a collection of your articles’ links and keep updating it asap.

    That something you can do despite your busy schedule??

  9. I think a link to whychess news session in prominence would do the trick. Very nice job there, Colin!

  10. chandler, what browser/version are you using?

    mishan: your work is much appreciated, thanks a lot and I hope you keep it up!

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