6 responses to ““It’s genuine class” – Bareev on Grischuk’s Houdini act”

  1. I think Bareev talks too much for a head coach of a national chess team.
    Saying the Peruvians are peasants is not funny neither polite.
    What’s the point of singling out Galliamova as the weakest element after a blunder, it’s not exactly encouraging.
    Even if it is true, it’s something a head coach shouldn’t yell out in the press.
    Bareev reminds me of a Russian general (forgot his name) who once said : “Strategy is for women and lieutenants”.
    Being rude is not the same as being political incorrect.
    Why do they nominate someone as a head coach who doesn’t get along with their finest talent (Ian Nepomniachtchi) ?
    I think this may be a hidden reason why Nepo plays in team 2 and Malakhov in team 1.
    Nepo is in much better shape than Malakhov the last half year or so.
    Nepo would crush most opponents on board 4 of team 1, while Malakhov is struggling for draws.

  2. I admired Mr. Bareev, but now I realized that he is just a good chess player, the way he describes my countryman (peruvians) is very nasty, I could expect that of ignorant people, I could expect that of someone who never went to school, who never was in touch of geography or political science or who never is in touch with internet!!!, but I could never expect that kind of expression of a chess grand master, anyway Mr. Bareev can ask Karpov and Kasparov who were in Peru three months ago, if my country is a peasant community, or even better if he can think as a true good chess player he would understand that Peru as most countries around the world has modern cities as well as peasant communities, but I feel sorry for Mr. Bareev because it seems that chess is so much into his mind that he can not appreciate the real beauty of life.

  3. Bareev is coming off as an asshole in these reports. I don’t the Hungarian team will make any comments about Russia after today’s round.

  4. Bareev’ s comments get worse every time. Now he comes up with the grossy “peruvian peasants”. It’s not only nasty, it’s racist. It’s really awful to have a man like this as a team coach.

  5. I don´t think that Bareev´s words weren´t polite. They were just unethical. Our chessworld is not formed by GM´s, or IM´s, or NM´s. It´s formed by chessplayers, no matter what level we have. When somebody plays in India, Russia or in a little city as the one I live in, there is something that connects all of us, we don´t move our opponnent´s pieces, we don´t cheat. We are Ethical Human Beings. We treat our rival as we want them to treat us. The basics of our chess rules are “ethical”. I guess Mr. Bareev learned how to play chess but forgot the best part.

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