6 responses to “Gashimov left out of Azerbaijan team for Olympiad”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This site is a gem!

    I will include you on my donating list for x-mas :-)

  2. Sounds like someone needs to remove their head from their posterior region and play Gashimov. How do you leave out one of your best players just because you didn’t like them playing chess?!

  3. Reading all the information Vugar Gashimov gets my support. In his comment he shows he’s a great sportsman. He’s not using bad words for his opponent(s) in this strange conflict and wants to help to find a solution. Vugar Gashimov is a top chessplayer. In conflicts often sportsmen pay the price, but I hope that in this case clear minds will win and that soon we see him sitting at the board for playing topgames.

  4. Maybe it is time for Gashimov to do like Karjakin: go some where where his skills will be appreciated.

  5. I wish they’d elaborate on who these “people in the shadows” are and the conflict Gashimov has with them. I’m sure it’s written up in Russian somewhere, but I don’t read Russian. Does anybody have the low-down on what this is really all about?

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