11 responses to “Kramnik: “9911 of the chess world was rooting for Anand””

  1. Very nice interview. About the glass cube I can tell Yuri and Vladimir that this won’t be in use this year in Bilbao. They will hold the tournament in the “Atrio de Alhóndiga”.

  2. Great interview. Thanks for sharing.
    Which interview mentioned that Anand did not like to play inside the glass?

  3. Kramnik is the new gentleman of chess.

  4. They’re going to play inside a giant Spanish meatball?!

  5. I was a Topalov fan before Elista both for his chess and fighting spirit, but after his misbehavior in ‘Toiletgate’ series of events, I can’t stand him and his manager anymore.. Go Kramnik!

  6. People like Anand and Kramnik brings dignity to chess. Chess is so much better due to their presence.

  7. Thanks for the interview, we absolutely love Kramnik interviews!

    I have a question:

    “But, on the other hand, even if I’ll no doubt be a little tired after Khanty-Mansiysk, I’ll be, as they say, played in.”

    I didn’t understand the term “played in”. What does he mean by “I’ll be played in” ?

  8. Yes – in Dutch, “ingespeeld”, German “eingespielt” = literal translation of “played in”;)

  9. i am an indian.. but in spite of our native anand, i always, not because of this interview, considered kramnik
    as a great and complete player in chess. the tournament at Germany WCC
    between anand and kramnik were full of high quality games… definitely better in quality standards than the one between anand- tapalov in bulgaria.

    in classical chess both anand and kramnik are a class apart and on level terms. both of them are great human beings.

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