11 responses to ““The Russian player we played a match against in 2006 in Elista doesn’t exist for us!””

  1. “In general, I have to say that during the match everyone was rooting against us, except the Bulgarians.”

    And he still does not get the hint !! :-).
    If I know that everyone is rooting against me I’d ask myself “why?” and ponder on what I might have done. Of course there is small percent of cases where the whole world has just gone nuts and you are the only one with sensibility; but chances are you had done something bad.

  2. I have to admit, this man in unique. He keeps saying, the Russians did horrible things in Elista. What was the inconvenience caused to them. Topalov reacted first with the cheating accusation. Then they got the forfeit point.

    Well anyway, this site is great. Spicy chess news coverage for sure.

  3. interesting read; dainalov seems to be delusional. it makes for compelling drama, though, especially if his protege’ faces the player who’s “called vladimir kramnik”.

  4. the bad guy named danilov, despite all of his shortcomings, has brought more than ten million euro in sponsorhip money to chess. that is very impressive.
    its an election year. money talks, bullshit walks.
    how much sponsorship money has karpov or von weizaecker or chessbase brought to chess? just curious.

  5. Hey Realty Check

    Money is not everthing as Kirsan has also brought in millions of dollars for chess.

    Both Kirsan (with his dubious sources) and Danailov (with his shenanigans) are a shame to chess.

    Sponsors want a “controversy free” sport and it will not be much time before Danailov’s sponsors desert him. Just wait and watch!

  6. Danailov: “I’m the only candidate who has his own personal website.”

    He simply “forgot” to mention the much better website of the Turkish candidate Ali Nihat Yazici, http://www.wereurope.org.

  7. More for the sake of completeness …. : Robert von Weizsäcker also has a campaign website, http://a-brighter-future-for-chess.de/

  8. I’ve been following chess for over 25 years and I simply don’t believe chess is ever destined to have good organization. The great players just want to play and no one knows how to create viable sponsorship. Some organizers are gifted, well intended amateur enthusiasts and some are just ego-tripping nitwits scrapping for small change. It’s a game for kings and paupers…

  9. Danailov certainly provides entertainment in the chess world. He is a clown in chess. What he says should be ignored but I have to say it is fun to read his interview. In chess when nothing is going on, it is fun to read his interview. I hope he realizes that he is not going to EU chess election as when he speaks he is telling the world why they should not vote for him. Topalov should desert him. Danailov gives bad name to bulgaria and Topalov. Somehow I dont like both of them personally.

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