3 responses to “Anish Giri: The one who got away”

  1. I can now better understand why you do not want to translate more articles. Your publications are like a “kiss of death”. Not only Bartel, but now look what’s happening to Giri in Plovdiv.

    But seriously, I hope that what’s happening to Giri is just a normal teenager trouble. But it’s funny to see, past the midpoint of a serious tournament, a 2717 GM have the same number of points (3) as a 2027 FM. Might I (closer to 1200 than to 2027) have a chance with Giri now?

  2. Bartel is doing relatively OK in Plovdiv, he just quit rising for the moment. And overall it isn’t mishanp’s fault, he didn’t write anything recently about Mamedyarov and Navara! :)

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