6 responses to “God created man, but the Queen’s Gambit made them equal”

  1. lol!! pity these two (esp gelfand) were out of the media till now….

    (“diffrerent” in title)

  2. Haha, lovely story by Gelfand :)

  3. ah, sorry about the wrong spelling (i’ve stopped apologizing for my laziness now… a longer sentence saying ‘the word is missing’ would’ve saved u time).

    “man” now conveys the meaning, thx.

    btw, the kamsky interview was one u cud’ve skipped (only the part about being different from grischuk was worth it)…. the first time i felt that way about one of your articles.

    keep looking for kramnik…

  4. I did not feel the same way about the Kamsky interview!! I enjoyed it! Sure the interviewer as a non chess media person had terrible questions. But Kamsky gave those questions great value.

  5. Russian media truly treats chess players as celebrities. When you are a celebrity you are bound to get questions that try to sneak peak into your life more than the technicalities behind their art.

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