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  1. I really cant understand: people say they want get rid of theory but they’re totally against fischer-random! Is there any real different rule in chess960 that I’m not aware of? It just doesn’t make any sense… Kramnik has to love his opening theory reasearch…

  2. Mishanp,

    Just a little correction

    Kramnik: I’m still cashing such cheques …

    In fact Kramnik said: I’m such a person …
    He pronounced somewhat briefed version of word “человек” almost like “чек” which must confused you.

  3. Hmmm – if castling before move 10 is banned, 4.d3 should become the mainline against the Berlin. Hence, two of the blitz games between Radjabov and Kramnik were “the future of chess”!!?

    As far as Chess960 is concerned: I never played it myself, but I read that some setups give white a (too) obvious advantage – one of the things that Kramnik might have in mind saying “you need to think up something sensible, so there are no flaws”.

  4. SF-R2: “there’s no lack of people to compare him with”??

  5. O lord, I truely love this site. Wish I had a sufficient command of Russian, the originals are probably even better…Thank you Mishanp.

  6. “impassable scrubland” nice… NICE!!

    I dontre get the meaning of the “comparison” statement within the context
    “He’s sharp and fresh, strong and tough. But everything in this world is relative – and there’s no lack of people to compare him with. Gelfand now often has to compete against young people who could be his sons. ”

    these 3 lines together don’t gel…. don’t you think? But if it was “there’s a lack of people to compare him with”, then it does gel together (and I like the flow and sense). (or maybe there’s a problem with one of the other 2 lines?)

  7. Many thanks again :-)
    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to include your live translation

    in the RSS or main page? I still know people who miss it, because they didn’t find it …

  8. yea… interesting + tough game, and a tough commentary. good luck. (yet to award my “golden treasury” medal to a commentary.. hope i’ll give one out before the candidates is out, not that anyone else cares -:) )

  9. “A simply and strong response”

  10. 21. … Bf6 (should be Bh6)

  11. Well, we know why Kramnik would want “minor changes” to get rid of the “old chess theory”. Because he is the only one, who already has prepared a couple of gigabytes of “new theory”.
    Nice try Vladimir. ;)

    By the way:
    Some days ago someone here on chessintranslation complained about the fact, that those press conferences were conducted ony in Russian. And today a miracle happened, and the players were almost forced to speak some sentences in English. Well done!

    Thanks to mishanp for his great work to “linguistically” unite the chess community!

  12. How about a twist on Fischer Random: Every year, FIDE can issue a new starting position from Fischer Random. All tournament games for that year would start with that position. By December, there might be some theory but it would all be erased on 1st January.

    This is similar to Mah-Jhong. Every year a committee issues a guidebook of new scoring combinations. So every year, the game is the same, but the hands you are trying to make change.

  13. This is ridiculous. There’s still a ton of play in chess. No changes are needed. Just play better moves.

    Want proof? Put Kramnik in a 10-game match against Houdini on a decent computer, and I doubt he would even escape with 2 draws. The positions are not dead even if you play better moves.

  14. good morning!!! had a good night’s sleep?? pretty tight weekend for you, eh?

    know it’s wrong, but i’ve come to expect to read the press conference the next day -:) hehe…..

    as the saying goes, “you carry someone on your shoulder, and he expects to be allowed to pee in your ear”.

    you’ve really spoilt me now -;)

  15. always nice to see how sincere and quality work automatically becomes famous without any particular effort for adverts…..

    you’re becoming a regular source now for the news sites!! I think congratulations (and a party?) are in order.

  16. ” And who’s Jolanta Zawadzka? That’s Alexander Sulypa (‘s student?).”

  17. Now all Mark Crowther has to do is make Kamsky more talkative … : He argued that “in Kamsky’s case his words in English make coverage in the American media easier and slightly more likely I guess”, and then Kamsky’s initial words were merely
    “I agree [with Gelfand’s description of the game]” Pressed for more he said “What do you want me to say?” I was totally lost and after e4 black is OK I think” (from TWIC)

  18. you must be exhausted! had any coffee or snacks?
    ever felt like giving up midway? (I’m feeling like going to sleep now :))

  19. well… only one more to go b4 an extremely well-deserved rest (a.k.a. weekday-job for you -;))

    you must be relieved that Shipov doesn’t do the rapids, eh?

    me going to sleep. Good night!!

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