8 responses to “Gelfand and Grischuk’s press conference”

  1. Once again, thanks for this translation.

  2. Very nice comments by grischuk
    Thx mishanp!

  3. Excellent translation, for someone whos Internet is too slow to keep up with the live video streaming let alone understand Russian, this article is wonderful :)
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Very interesting! And mishanp’s characterization of Kutin (“Boris Kutin (a man who doesn’t seem entirely comfortable in any language”) is hilarious.

  5. It’s a shame Kramnik & Kamsky didn’t give any press conferences, I was especially curious about what Kramnik had to say.

    Thank you for the nevertheless interesting translation.

  6. “if I’d lost then of course all kinds of things would have been said – you’re not a man, and so on.”

    I think only someone secure with his masculinity (and immensely creative)could have thought up a strategy like that; and to actually implement it, Grischuk must’ve had balls of steel…. (?)

    Anyway, I think Shipov had suggested that drawing so quickly with White clearly wasn’t “world champion play”.
    But a world champ’s first priority has always been to bring his opponent to uncomfortable turf; and if he’s ready to sacrifice his own comfort for that sake, it’s even greater!!

    His strategy was, in a sense, much riskier than Tal’s; but still people condemn him as boring!! The public don’t realise that match-strategy is more off the board than on it.

    To me, Grischuk is clearly world championship material. I’ve always liked him, and now I like him even more …

  7. @ mishanp

    Kamsky gave a short post-match interview to a newspaper from Kazan. Maybe that’s of any interest to you.


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