7 responses to “Vassily Ivanchuk (2): “Flawed games are the most beautiful””

  1. Wonderful! Thanks so much! :-)

  2. The world record belongs to the Miguel Najdorf, who gave a display on 45 boards. Flesch’s record was flawed.

  3. ” I learned an awful lot at precisedly that time.”

  4. ” your memory washes away the feeling of losing” has a weird illogical feel to it (is it due to the translation?)

  5. Such a wonderful article(s), thank you for this translation. I’m off to find some Ivanchuk games. :)

  6. Just wanted to check that the translation was ok (“more correct” might have been “the feeling of losing doesn’t stay in memory forever”). I think i see memory as a container while the comment talks of it as an active agent… whatever, sorry :)

    if the translation is correct, then I love the comment… feels like a chucky-line.

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