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  1. Thank you very much for translating the words of the remarkable man that is Vassily Ivanchuk. Usually us westerners only get to hear him in english, which isn’t his mother tongue and the wealth of expression tends to suffer a bit. I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. This is the good stuff.
    I like the way that Ivanchuk’s brain seems to order things. And what a man he is! Incredibly creative genius and it appears to me that he has a great sense of self in that he realizes his behavior and qualities clearly, although that of course doesn’t mean that he, or anybody else, could control himself(always/ever?). You get a feeling that Ivanchuk is a straight honest person, in a way very pure. A good man, I like him.

  3. Many thanks. Ivanchuk seems to be one of the most interesting subjects for interviews, and a thoughtful and passionate man.

  4. gosh I can see an Ivanchuk book becoming an instant classic on the level of Zurich 1953 by Bronstein

  5. Really wonderful material. I agree with all the commenters. Thank you Colin.

  6. yes, an interesting guy, straightforward, decent, passionate about chess – i really enjoyed this interview. thanks to the translator.

  7. Ivanchuk!

    Thanks Mishanp! This is of a higher quality than Chucky’s English-language interviews. Very interesting.

  8. This interview dispels the “eccentric Ivanchuk” stereotype/myth; as other commentators have noted, he basically comes across as an intelligent, thoughtful man. Thanks Mishanp.

  9. Fabulous. This man’s love for chess, it makes me feel happy.

  10. Finally we get to hear Ivanchuk speaking in his first language. I think his English is pretty weak, and that was adding to his “eccentric personality” image.

    Here he comes off as an honest guy with common sense, who is very much aware of his weaknesses (problems in dealing with tension) as much as his strengths (well, being a chess genius!).

    It’s sad to see him out of this WC cycle, I hope he can stick around at the highest levels and give a shot in the next one.

  11. I would LOVE to see a book by Chucky! DO IT!!!

  12. As much as I like Ivanchuk ha has no real chance to become World Champion.

    He is simply too old. All the problems that he is having should have been solved many years ago. Now I think its just too late. Its easier to deal with psychological problems when you are 18 than when you are 40…

    Don’t get me wrong I know he is a genius (well I don’t really know that, I’m too poor to judge – but I believe other players from elite). Problem is that to become WC its not enough to make good moves. You need good health, strong nerves and a lot of will to win. I just think ha hasn’t got all that.

  13. I agree with “Win” as he thought logically.
    But Logics are made by Human and reality so we may wait with this great player.
    Thanks to the translator and all.

  14. This is great article, and the interview takes you deep into Ivanchuk’s mind.

    Ivanchuk just defeated Carlsen in Qualifiers, creating a big upset.

    He’s like me, I like him!

    I sincerely hope with all my heart that He becomes the World Champion one day, fulfilling his dream, and more importantly my dream!

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