6 responses to “Ilya Odessky’s family threatened by criminals”

  1. (!) Odessky added a background story, which is long.

    I put it as comments to my initial post, in 3 parts:

    Maybe you can read Odessky messages in chesspro forum, using a direct link:


  2. At the risk of littering this post with general sympathy….. what a terrible situation you and your family are in Mikail, I hope it turns out well for you,

  3. ps, i have forwarded the article to some english language sites.

  4. Ilya of course, I mixed you up Mikail (Golubov).
    Sorry mate , hope things go well for your family.

  5. I once had a simlar problem.
    Best idea is to move ! no joke. If it is really this serious, move asap !
    Move to nice place where family can enjoy life without these hassles.
    Life is to important and short to live like this.

    This is the best idea, I wish you and your family well.


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