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  1. “After that I don’t have any invitations yet, but if I play well then that question will resolve itself.” – Maybe he’ll have more problems finding tournaments than he thought hehehehehehe

  2. @silvakov: Says a hater who is happy that Leko lost against Shankland in the first round of the World Cup? Yes, it will be harder to get invitations and he may have to reduce his financial expectations and demands – there were actually rumors that Leko will play for a club from Dortmund(!) in the German Bundesliga but they aren’t wealthy enough to afford him.

    @mishanp and everyone: Any news about Nanjing? I guess it will take place, but most top10 players have committed to the Tal Memorial – opportunities for players like Kamsky, Svidler, Adams, Giri, Leko, Vachier-Lagrave, … ?

  3. Maybe he was absent because examining one of his games sent him into a boredom induced coma.

  4. “If there are 8 games then everyone will ask: why not 4”

    I have my doubts about that one.

  5. @Thomas just an innocent joke. I took his statement out of context (i.e. he’s an establish elite player who really doesn’t need a good performance in a single tournament to earn invitations) and made a joke. in fact, I would prefer to see Leko going through…
    Also, I made my joke before game 2. He wasn’t eliminated yet (even though Shankland didn’t give him a chance with white)

  6. In any case, it seems that in the meantime Leko received one invitation: the World Cup homepage quotes him “I will have more time to prepare for the tournament in Saratov that will take place in October!”.
    And Shankland is quoted “In fact, I did not expect that I would be able to win. Now I will have to change my ticket.”

  7. why’s whychess coming up in Russian??

  8. over the past few days, i’ve seen it switch to Russian, French and english (and maybe another language i don’t know).
    it’s (default) now in english for me too…

    maybe a bug there that needs to be looked into?

  9. Leko on the World Cup format:

    “I don’t know, that’s not a question for me”

    This is the problem in the chess world. Not a rant against Leko, it’s the general opinion among GMs it seems.

  10. Nanjing will not be held this year. It is unclear when or whether it will be held in the first half of next year but the organisers are still keen if they can get a top class field together.

  11. warning: DO NOT revamp you website…. chessvibes has just shocked me with it’s taste. Please don’t go the same way…. (this site’s dead anyway so it shouldn’t matter -:))

  12. A big “thumbs down” on the ChessVibes redesign. What on earth were they thinking…

  13. this is a common problem with software dev; to add new features, people sometimes screw up the existing ones.

    you want to add short news stories? then just have a “constant” news item at the start that contains top 3-4 short stories; one can click it to get to the details if interested.

    blogs/categories are all great additions to the chessvibes content, sure… but there was no need to screw up the existing simple design. e.g. Blogs could’ve just been another “constant” category.

    The comments section, the news section (what’s a summary that can’t be read fully?) are all totally f*****d up.

    but that’s the way the world seems to be going these days…..
    blitz/rapid chess, armageddon knockouts in candidates, T20 cricket, pitstops/fuel in F1 racing…… and so on to chessvibes now.

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