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  • Kramnik: For now Magnus is my "client"

6 responses to “Kramnik: For now Magnus is my “client””

  1. enjoyed this one a great deal, like all the other Kramnik interviews. Please keep these coming, you’re doing a great thing for us chess fans. Thanks!

  2. Thank you again for the wonderful article !

  3. Great interview, as always with V. Kramnik

  4. Hiya Colin,

    Thank you for making it possible for us to read this interview.
    I can’t quite understand what Kramnik means by calling Carlsen his ‘client’.
    Is he taking over from Kasparov as Magnus’ coach?
    Unlikely, as they are competing.
    Does he mean something like a sparring partner?

  5. I loved this interview. It’s nice to hear that Kramnik is feeling so good about himself. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his form and get his world title back!!!

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