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7 responses to “Karpov proposes holding Candidates Matches in Kiev”

  1. Well if Karpov’s daughter thinks he should be the FIDE president, then how can the rest of the world argue with that?? The logic of an 11-year-old is infallible.

  2. Maybe they should just play over the internet.

  3. Thanks Mishanp. Your translation site is great. It has interesting news
    and permits to have a whole picture of the chess world.

    On the Candidates Matches, have you ever seen the movie “Predators”?
    It shows a perfect solution for this situation. FIDE has to parachute all
    the eight players on an alien planet, then release the hounds
    and wait. The last player who remains alive is the winner, FIDE simply
    has to take him back on Earth and put him versus Anand.
    I think FIDE can do it. After all, Kirsan knows aliens! :)

  4. But then Kirsan would win the FIDE elections!? After all, he has experience with aliens and apparently they treated him well, and let him return to Earth.

  5. >>> In chess I’ve set many records, starting with having played in 11 World Championships. And, by the way, I was World Champion as many as 16 times! Eight times, individually, and eight times as part of a team. <<<

    Not sure of the team titles, but I can recall only 7 times (not 8) when Karpov became the individual World Champion, even if you count FIDE titles. Here, I think, are the 11 matches he is talking about:
    (1) 1974, vs. Korchnoi (since Fischer did not defend his title, this was de facto a world championship match) – Won, TITLE #1
    (2) 1977, vs. Korchnoi – Won, TITLE #2
    (3) 1981, vs. Korchnoi – Won, TITLE #3
    (4) 1984, vs. Kasparov – the match was stopped after 48 games, but Karpov retained his title, so count it as TITLE #4
    (5) 1985, vs. Kasparov – Lost
    (6) 1986, vs. Kasparov – Lost
    (7) 1987, vs. Kasparov – Draw, but Kasparov retained his title
    (8) 1991, vs. Kasparov – Lost
    (9) 1993, vs. Timman, for the FIDE World Championship – Won, TITLE #5
    (10) 1996, vs. Kamsky, for the FIDE World Championship – Won, TITLE #6
    (10) 1998, vs. Anand, for the FIDE World Championship – Won, TITLE #7

    So where is the 8th title?

    Despite this, however, Karpov will definitely better than the corrupted Ilumzhinov as the FIDE president!!!

  6. Karpov’s other world championship was when he won the 1969 World Junior Chess Championship.

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