10 responses to “The great Anand’s little ideas – part I”

  1. Thanks for this wonderful translation. Its scary when a GM says “the number of variations that were prepared, and which had to be remembered, was huge.”

    So much is prepared and just one line is played. I wonder what happens to the other lines. For eg. the meran was not much repeated at the elite level since Bonn (atleast it never reached the 14…Bb7 novelty stage).

  2. Well if all his seconds start dipping into the preparation, it wont leave Anand with much to show next year. But its nice that Anand is playing in two classical events this year, Bilbao and London classic. Nothing is known about corus next year, although I cant see why he should miss it.

  3. I wonder why no one has written books on either Anand-Kramnik or Anand-Topalov? All of a sudden World Championships don’t rate books?!

  4. Thanks, it’s really nice to get a second’s comments on games.

    Yes, so much variations prepared, so few displayed! And do not even think to Kasparov’s preparations…

  5. Kasparov doesn’t prepare he lives and breaths chess. for him it wasn’t really work as he had been training with world champions since he was 5.
    He looks at his computer and says today i am not going to get up from this seat.
    I have to say though 2010 Anand is probably more accurate than lets say 1997 kasparov that faced deep blue.

  6. in game 4 to let the bishop take on g2 Anand must have seen at least 12 moves ahead to risk that line with a knight near his king.

  7. When is the part two coming ? Eagerly waiting for it !

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