4 responses to “Khalifman: “Anand’s a genius. He emanates light””

  1. Thanks for this. Really enjoyed it. This, plus the Crestbook interviews have really made my “day”. GM Khalifman is one of my heroes in the world of chess. I admire his probity, his dedication, his work ethic and his books!

    One comment: I am surprised to read him saying he has never come across children being forced to learn chess. I wonder if that is true ……

    Not sure I understand this “All the more so as I see a mass of examples at my school, and it’s not only unrestrained joy. ” Does he mean examples of unhappy children at his GM School?

  2. Wow, outstanding as always mishanp! Thank you for providing these translations, they are wonderful compared to the typical article published in the West.

  3. A brilliant interview. Loved the blitz part. Western interviews are stale compared to the ones here. Thank you, mishanp!

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