3 responses to “The great Anand’s little ideas – part III”

  1. Once again, thank you mishanp for the wonderful translation of this article which otherwise would have been missed. Outstanding web site!

  2. Fascinating commentary taking us through the emotional aspects of the game. Reading it makes it so tense, cant imaging playing it. I love this “In the meantime telephones had rung and none of Anand’s seconds were sleeping any more.”

    I hope Wojtaszek stays as Anand’s second for the next match. He seems a great asset.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. lol that video is so funny.. did u see when the big guy hugs Topalov and they’re all smiling that Anand’s sorta looking vaguely at them half-smiling.. then the guy is like still touching him and patting him on the back and Anand like lightly claps his hands (like a golf clap) still half-smiling … as if to say like, “yo dude.. im over here.. I WON.. okk yes hug him.. very nice… second place.. not like that wasn’t guaranteed from the beginning but ok… i’ll clap .. jolly good show”.

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