3 responses to “Analysing by the riverside with Bobby Fischer”

  1. Mishanp,

    This was one of the best article I have read recently. Gligoric comes across as an honest man of character.

    Thank you.


  2. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Gligoric’s book “I Play Against Pieces.”

  3. I first about this variation in ‘Attack with Mikhail tal’,from page 4 of that book ‘Today the episode,known in its time as the “Argentine tragedy”,has been largely forgotten.It occurred in the 14th round of the Goteborg Interzonal Tournament,1955,when by the will of the draw an unusual USSR v Argentina match took place. Geller had white against Panno, Keres against Najdorf and Spassky against Pilnik.Specially for that day, the Argentine grandmasters prepared an innovation in a well known variation of the Sicilian defence.’

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