19 responses to “Your questions for GM Ruslan Ponomariov”

  1. Some time ago Loek van Wely was interviewed and he had this to say. Any comment on this?:

    You worked some time ago with Ponomariov. How did that go ?
    “Not easy. The cooperation was probably just for that one time. Pono really likes to b*******, he likes to f*** you all the time. He wants to be treated like Ruslam the Great, but I did not comply. We had agreed on a rest day, but we did not get it. Really, many a prisoner of war has had it better ! I suffered a lot: seven long weeks seven hours of hard work every day.

  2. Ever since starting to play chess at 6yoa I have enjoyed re-playing the games of grandmasters with some analysis. Now I’d like to take a more business like approach to analyzing along the lines of Nimzovitch studying the games of the 1906 Nuremberg tournament with notes by Tarrasch. Do you have any suggestions and/or comments about the study of source material?

  3. Do you think that present system of choosing world champion is right?
    It has been changed and twisted so many times in last 3 decades.
    Should not elo rating define world champ for one year?
    Is elo rating a good and foolproof system? World champ refused to
    play in chess Olympiad lest he lost elo points. In such case, what is
    the point of having the elo rating if it can be protected by avoiding

  4. I read that you learned to play chess from you father at the age of 5 and at 9, became a Class A player. That is quite amazing for that age. Could you tell us more about that along the following
    a) What attracted most about chess to you at that age ?
    b) Was your father your only coach during those 4 years?
    c) How many rated tournament games did you play on average per month during those 4 years? How did you take defeats at that age?
    d) Did you have a clear learning plan and if so how much studying did you do ( as in how many hours per week)

  5. Is there anything that you feel like you missed out on during your childhood, since you seem to have been so focused on chess? Anything you would like to change about your childhood and growing up?

  6. The reasons offered for the cancellation of the Kasparov-Ponomariov match always struck me as odd, and asking myself who benefitted from the cancellation, I came up with:

    Kirsan—because the always-troublesome Kasparov was kept out of the world championship picture.

    Kasparov–because he could publicly and loudly proclaim his desire for a possible legacy-destroying match with Kramnik without the risk of actually having to play one.

    Danailov–because even though the match did not come off, he was paid.

    My guess is that the match didn’t come off because Kirsan didn’t want it to come off…and Kasparov and Danailov “went along.”

    Why didn’t the match come off?

  7. hola maestro me estoy preparando para el mundial amatur tengo problemas para orgaizar un planes soy de colombia choco quibdo la cual se me hace dificil el ajdedrez pr que siempre he entrenado solo quiero llegar mas lejo se que puedo hacerlo pero para eso necesito un gm que guie asia el camino de mejorar mi juego solo digame cuanto me cobra por darme clase por internet gracias por todo

  8. Geetings GM Ponomariov!
    Winning the FIDE World Championship via tournament format was highly critisized and relentlessly trivialised by certain GM’s in the late 1990’s up to, let us say, 2007.
    Your Crown, (along side GM Khalifman, GM Anand, and GM Kasimdzhanov) was essentially reduced to a Burger King slogan: “Where’s the Beef?”
    What are your feelings about this; do you see yourself as a bonifed World Champion, or just another lucky tournament winner?

  9. Hello Ruslan,

    Do you support Matches Vs Tournament play for World Championship matches if so can you explain.
    And every player has a nemesis….who is yours ?

  10. How do you maintain your concentration during critical moments and even once the position is no longer in doubt?

    Thank you in advance World Champ for entertaining my question!

  11. Greetings, Ruslan!
    I have following questions
    1. How a class A player should study to improve his chess understanding, without trainer?
    2. What sort of mindset should a player have while facing higher rated player?
    3. How the calculation of variations be improved? Can you recommend any book for that?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hy Ruslan.
    Here is the question…
    Who do you consider the best player you have ever faced, not in terms of pure score, but in terms of understanding of the position?

  13. Hello Ruslan
    I have some questions for you :
    How hours do you devote in chess by day to become when you were in first category to become candidat master and IM an IGM?
    What do you think about useful of chess trainer ? How game play by years?
    What do you think about your predecessor?

  14. Which of your games do you consider to be your best? And which game by other players have you found most inspiring or influential on yourself?

  15. Mr. Ponomariov,
    Had the match between yourself and Garry Kimovich taken place, what do you think the result would have been, not only with regard to the score, but also for yourself as a chess player?

  16. Hello Ruslan,
    Those are my questions
    Which people were the most important in your career ?
    Which player from nowadays do you admire most ?
    How do you estimate your chances to became World champion again?

  17. Hallo ruslan!

    I have noticed that every chess player in his career has
    a barrier which prevents him from going further. for example chess players they became quickly IM and no matter how hard they try they can’t improve. Have you felt anything like this before and how you deal with that?

  18. 1)Which was the first chess book you absolutely fell in love with ? Subsequently which is your all-time favourite chess book?
    2)How often do you go through a book visually?Do you think it is useful to go through games visually ?
    3)Who are your 2 favorite chess authors apart from the most popular Dvoretsky ?