One response to “GM Ruslan Ponomariov answers your questions: Part II”

  1. I can´t believe Komarov still defends his work. You can ask any Ukrainian elite chess player whether they know Dmitri Komarov and they will answer with a snort (personally, I asked Natalia Zhukova and that´s what I got).

    This is not the first time Komarov does such a thing. Certainly not with Ruslan: in the past he published an interview that he had allegedly taken from Ruslan when he picked him up at the airport, which is quite interesting if you take into account Ruslan had arrived in Kiev by train!

    And if he thinks that it is professional to claim that you have interviewed someone by just making a potpourri of past conversations and random interviews by other journalists, well, that leaves no doubt as to what sort of professional you are. And let´s not forget some of the things were plain inventions, like the gazpacho recipe.

    And how can anyone want to have anything to do with a journalist that will publish details of your private life at the first chance as he did with Kramnik?

    I just cannot understand how he still has a job at all.

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