7 responses to “Ponomariov: “Since becoming World Champion I haven’t worn that lucky sweater once” *FAKE*”

  1. I don’t get Rammstein I’m afraid. All those clips sound pretty much alike…

  2. Gotta agree. Maybe I’m just getting old but Rammstein just sounds like “noise” to me…

  3. Gazpacho is served cooled not “cooked”.

  4. “You’re often spotted on the metro. Do you sense the additional attention you attract?

    During a journey someone always recognises me and asks for an autograph.”

    … This is so not true. And even if it were, Ruslan is not so big headed as to proclaim it.

    P.S. The Rammstein concert part is true though, and it was a hell of a concert :)

  5. Hmm, this might explain the “eerie resemblance” to the other interview. Was it all my fault? Maybe Komarov didn’t come across the initial source, or cannot read German and had to rely on my translation.

    But I won’t say “sorry, it will not happen again!” :)

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