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  1. So the question is, would Mig have known!?

  2. I loved this post! I think the program is a fantastic idea, its aim couldn´t be better and it´s great for the audience! I went through the questions and I would have missed the one about Kennedy and Verdi´s opera (although I´m an opera fan myself), apart from the morse one, EEK!

    I was actually quite surprised to see that Kasparov, who has been trying to make his career in politics take off for the last few years, didn´t know how many countries there are in the EU.

    Anyway, congratulations to the Kasparovs and best wishes for the brother and sister who needed the operation!

  3. I can check that for you if you´re really interested :)

    I wasn´t surprised about the reasoning at all. In fact, when I read that he started counting the countries etc. I thought that could have just as well been Ruslan haha. He analyzes all aspects of life so much that I sometimes just switch off and let him and his mind wander freely and undisturbed :)))

  4. Interesting! So looks like chess is not the only field in which you must use computers carefully and ultimately rely on yourself more :)

    I agree with you on the suspicion that, if Topalov´s results weren´t given, they must have been less astrological hehe.

  5. Google translation can be wrong because languages can be ambiguous. Apparently Russian has the same word for “world” and “peace” – so Google may refer to Kasparov, Kramnik, Ponomariov etc. as “champion of peace”. Someone (Mikhail Golubev?) once mentioned a former Soviet joke on a chess forum: “We want peace, and all of it!!”.

    A German chessic example is that “Zug” can mean ‘move’ or, more commonly, ‘train’. I just made a related joke on Jan Gustafsson’s blog – he wrote that he had taken the wrong train (from Hamburg to Berlin while his destination was Frankfurt), and then he won both of his Bundesliga games last weekend.

  6. I am fairly shocked a question on morse code was the ‘hardest’ question there… out of the bunch I found that the easiest to answer. I didn’t even have to pause to read all the options as I knew it off the tip of my tongue. I am even more shocked that Kasparov didn’t know it.

  7. I am the only Grandmaster ever to have played the game for himself
    http://james-plasketts-coincidence-diary.blogspot.com/2007/12/223-le-sige-perileux.html although New Yorker, Maurice Ashley http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Ashley made it to the studio stage of the game.

    I also got help from my wife – she was my Phone A Friend.

    I had the million in my sights, what with all three lifelines left with three questions to go. But then I cracked up.

    Garry and I have been together before, too –

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