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  1. Reminds me of a recent Kasparov interview (at Google, I think); someone asked him about this idea (player explaining thoughts during game) and Kasparov replied with his sardonic smile “And then maybe the winner should be decided by an audience poll?”

  2. I must say that I would be shocked if players like Anand-Kramnik-Gelfand-Chuky agree to this idea.
    (For other players to agree, at the least, the opponent should not have to listen to music but can be placed in a sound proof room!)

  3. And the impunity with which His H0liness can blatantly declare that he is tired of doing one major part of his job is amazing… (especially given that it’s generally accepted that it’s His presence that repulses sponsors).

  4. I am happy that Gelfand and Anand are getting closer to a match. What happens if Anand lose? I guess he has to qualify among all the other possible candidates. Eventually he might be seeded into a Candidate tournament based on being Elo top 3 rated or something.

  5. Can players select the music they’ll listen to during the break, or is Rammstein compulsory for everyone? ,:)
    A bit funny that “extras” are mentioned long after the initial announcement of the event, Peter Doggers on Chessvibes mentions a Russian federation press release with another one: “After the rapid there will be games played in pairs: Kramnik and Kosintseva, Anand and Koneru, Aronian and Danielian and Carlsen and Cmilyte will compete to find the strongest “mixed” pair.” Could it be that such ideas actually came from the players themselves?? Though I doubt that Aronian would choose a ‘heavy’ female partner as Danielian … .

  6. The mixed doubles idea seems really interesting….why not? And maybe players can eventually form their own pairings like in tennis.

    The rules would be a novelty but I think even having each partner play alternate moves would suffice.

  7. The Botvinnik Mem plans sounds like fun. Not really serious chess, but fun nonetheless. And certainly attractive to the audience.

    As for Kirsan’s whychess interview, I don’t think much of it.It’s pretty much the same crap that Vlad Tkachiev (of whychess) has written before, only this time he claims that Kirsan said it.

  8. Dear Author

    1st point: I really enjoy this site, you are doing a great job!
    2nd point: They might have chosen Cmilyte as Carlsens partner as they know each other, because Cmilyte is the girlfriend of danish Peter Heine Nielsen (playing in the same team in the next season and last season of the Danish League). So they might try to argue that Cmilyte + Carlsen is a Scandinavien team!
    Hope this is useful information.


  9. No problem :)
    Interesting interview, she is indeed a charming lady, and google translate worked out well.

  10. I have an idea. Give up “world championship” in current form and develop chess olympics instead. Instead of “gold medalist” the olympic winner would claim “world champion” title. And like in “normal” olympics, there would be a lot of different disciplines. Classical chess, Rapid chess, Blitz chess, Fischer Chess, team world championships etc. Then we would see what has best financial potential.

  11. In such olympics there could also be a real “Grand slam” winner. Some genius who wins all titles…

  12. Botvinnik was never one for frivolity and the man spent a lifetime writing, teaching and lecturing on chess to the general public. These marketing gimmicks (player speaking to the audience during game) are a sign of the philistinism of modern times. But why should they be done in the Patriarch’s name? Can’t we leave him alone?Classical chess with a proper time limit is like test cricket. It’s a pity that the Russian Chess Federation and our elite grandmasters have no time to spare for it.

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