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  1. Totally fascinating read! Discussing Aristotelian versus Buddhist logic, new semantic yurt and American ontological umbrella while drinking vodka is way more attractive than working. As usual, I am sorry for the ordinary people who somehow have to survive. And I am afraid about the future of chess under Mr. Ilyumzhinov’s stewardship.

  2. Yes, I look forward to other translated articles of MISHAMP. There is a two-fold process happening in this era. Unfortunately a purely Buddhist perspective will not be able to capture the essential structures that must be built to ensure that the community here prospers. True chess isn’t the answer either. BUt the search is important. Buddhism and chess offer more of the elemental clues probably than others. The issue you seem to be grappling with is how does this help with economic development. Education is fundamental source that includes chess, and Buddhism, math, economics, and some practical craftsmen, farming, electrical and electronic skills. You have mentioned that the students leave. Well this can’t be helped for the present. You have to continue protecting and investing in education. Probably you should host more educational conferences from the Russian Federation, than Chess tournaments.

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