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  1. Wonderful article on Tal and the past and current states of chess. Thank you for the fluent translation of valuable chess lore.

  2. Fantastic stuff from Odessky at the beginning. Eager to hear more of his nostalgia’s….

  3. where’s the “ugly orange button”? (I don’t intend to click it…. just curious :) )

  4. Can’t see it (sigh). maybe something wrong with my browser? Just thought you might be concerned that some people aren’t able to see that link -;)

    Here’s a (probably silly) idea:
    You could come up with a list of articles/columns that you think people might be interested in (maybe some OLD stuff; russian interviews from maybe over 20 years ago or so). List the title and potential content (which you can determine at a glance) and put in an amount of money (based on time) it would take for you to translate the whole article.

    If sufficient people are interested…. well, you might be able to get a decent income.

    You could then only mail the payers the article; and put it up on the site where viewers can view it at a small price based on the price you quoted. A percent of the money you get from viewers can go back to the payers (till they’re paid back fully, if the article’s a hit). And once the payers are paid back fully, you could publish the article for free. Am i sounding drunk, or is this logical? Dunno. Sorry.

    Of course the initial search for articles might be difficult; but you could have friends (Shipov?) who could point you to some old masterpieces from memory.

  5. I’ve almost finished reading Russian Silhouettes, and it has been a joy to read. I only have the article on Levenfish left.

    I plan to order the other books soon.

    One of my favorite parts of the book was where Sosonko talks about Efim Geller’s response when Genna told him he drew with Jansa:

    ‘What do you mean – draw? What are you talking about? You stood better. Where? Well, show me the game, show me. I feel offended for the position.’

    Another was Tal saying ‘calmness is my mistress’ when he would get into time trouble playing blitz.

  6. Great stuff.

  7. i love tal games tanx

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