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  1. mishanp: you got it right, this is what Mr Pasarelu says!
    Mr Pasarelu contested in court the election of the leaders of the Romanian Chess Federation claiming that the results were not correct due to some fraud; as a result, the President of the Romanian Chess Federation and the members of the “Leading comitee” were temporarily suspended, pending the result of the trial; the Romanian Chess Federation has appealed the suspension but the justice in Romania is quite slow so the appeal was scheduled a few months later.
    Mr Pasarelu is trying to focus public attention towards this trial hoping for the public to have less attention to the unfortunate end of the Cotroceni tournament.
    One thing that went unnoticed: on the official web site http://www.clubulregilor.ro/competitii/turneul-international-cotroceni-1-11-martie-2011/ there is an “Organizing Comitee” made of the following:

    DAN RADU ZATREANU – president
    DAN GABRIEL PASARELU – coordinator
    NICOLAE TURCUMAN – president ACS Apa Nova
    VASILE CIRJA – president ASM Bucuresti
    VALENTIN SAMUNGI – president CSM Bucuresti

  2. My name is Dan Pasarelu
    Present my point of view towards the material presented on this blog.
    I mention this material has been drawn up without being contacted to support my point of view and shows denigrating our efforts!:

    Efforts are building such a huge tournament.
    Participate teams of people from many areas of activity and even in many parts of the world as you can see, if you give a simple searh on the internet.
    Some statements are clearly displaced from the interview and did not even see why I would comment.
    The fact that some players did not feel the weight of a 4 **** hotel to their liking I do not have commented.
    As far as I know, always have breakfast available fruit juices, and everything you an excellent breakfast in a hotel 4 ****!
    It is not a two star hotel or at least a 3 star!
    It is a 4 **** hotel all inclusive!
    Also, the players all-consuming was paid by the organizer, not Mr. Iulian or Ms. Repkova insiniueaza so as in the material.
    As long as they stayed and ate at the hotel, neither player has paid a leu / penny / cent at the hotel for any of the services.
    The fact that the hotel has views to and from any cemetery or else (which anyway was not the neighborhood), then did not bother anyone.
    As they have done is a joke. As these jokes were later interview why one is different.
    The competition was attended by 10 grandmasters, some with companion, I could not be available to each.
    If one felt in one way or another, you and your personality.
    They say that something stayed at a mall 40 minutes!
    Unfortunately, they have not complied with the understanding that they requested.
    They asked to be allowed one hour to visit and do shopping in a mall, then followed at a fixed time to meet a particular place (one of the entrances of the mall) to get them.
    I arrived there with the driver at the time indicated but I was surprised to see that does not give them.
    I left the mall until I was confirmed by the hotel as they arrived at the hotel by taxi!
    So their statement that I was at the table when they arrived at the hotel is a lie!
    The problem was the payment of money and unfortunately distorted and put it in a highly context.
    The players have received their money as promised, that is exactly the steps and time promised, so extrapolations on this issue and have no basis.
    The fact that the last round was held later the players request was due to receive his money before the round and then when the money was paid, the players have requested lunch table was not included in the competition program because it was scheduled round .
    They asked us to give them lunch, even if this, again, was not provided in the program!
    Itself justify the use of my name in all of these problems surprises me.
    The competition was attended by 10 grandmasters, some with companion, I could not be available to each.
    What is important from an organizer of such competitions is that they have all necessary material comforts provided by the organizer for such competitions and agreements are respected.
    We have fully honored these obligations.

    The rest of your physical and intellectual structure of each.

    Dan Pasarelu
    Organizing Secretary
    Tournament Cotroceni 2011

  3. well, seems like this site has reached puberty -;)

  4. I doubt it was Mr Pasarelu who posted the above (very poor) translation; anybody could have done it, anonymly, using his name.
    The appeal I was talking above was accepted so the suspention was cancelled; the “Leadind comitee” and the President of the Romanian Chess Federation are back in business; the cancellation is temporary – there is still a trial in progress, just the suspention was cancelled; the court still has to decide if the elections have been frauded or not; looks like a step back for Mr Pasarelu but it is not final.

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