5 responses to “Sergey Shipov previews the Olympiad”

  1. Very interesting preview, thank you again for the good work.

  2. Very good analysis of the Russian teams, strong but not feared!!. I enjoyed this preview as I have enjoyed your game analisis.

  3. Mishanp,

    Do you know what happened in Lausanne? Except for the brief summary at TWIC, telling us that they sat there for three days (15-17 of Sep.), no decision has been announced and there’s no news on this anywhere. Does it mean that no one really expects anything serious to come from the law suit?

    Interesting that Shipov supports Kirsan. Perhaps as a non-elite GM he appreciates the World Cup and other events, while ignoring all the problematic known facts about him. How do you explain that?

    And, of course, as many have said – your site is excellent!

  4. It’s an interesting article indeed, but I can’t understand why he didn’t mention Hungary at all, not even as a dark horse. I can only assume he forgot that Leko, Almasi and Polgar are all there, not to mention Berkes as an excellent 4th board…

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