10 responses to “Ilyumzhinov: Gaddafi “an amateur who knows how the pieces move””

  1. Why am I not suprised that the former evil dictator of Kalmykia is lending support and comfort to a kindred spirit, and the current leader of a rogue organization, FIDE, is lending support and comfort to a rogue state?

  2. Great Interview,thank you.Got a feeling he’ll win.As he says ‘I live in the hearts of millions.’ I agree.

  3. Off-topic, but this is a machine-translation of what seems to be an interesting interview with Sutovsky

  4. Whoa..you are hardworking Mishanp :) once again, kudos to your site, you are doing a great job.
    Re: machine translation, yes and Vishy, the “Champion of Peace” :)

  5. Probably not surprising, but according to (the state-owned Russian news agency) Ria Novosti the Russian government was aware of Ilyumzhinov’s visit to Tripoli. Somewhat strangely, it’s apparently mentioned only on the German site (I couldn’t find it in English, so I have to translate):

    http://de.rian.ru/world/20110614/259436576.html (today 11:41)

    “The Kremlin was informed about FIDE president Kirsan Ilymuzhinov visiting Tripoli. As Sergej Prichodko, Kremlin foreign affairs spokesman, told journalists in Tashkent „the administration of the Russian president was aware of details of the visit”. “According to informations available to us, Ilyumzhinov told Gaddafi the official Russian point of view about Libya.”

    http://de.rian.ru/world/20110614/259439251.html (today 14:28)

    “The president of the world chess association emphasized that his visit didn’t have a political character. “I wasn’t official envoy nor negotiator between the parties”, he stressed. “I merely explained the position of the leaders of our country.”

  6. Today Ilyumzhinov returned in Libya. Again.


    He missed his fellow so much that he couldn’t stay away from him. How sweet!

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