8 responses to “Vladimir Kramnik on 2010”

  1. Always a treat to hear him talk. You get a feeling that he enjoys to express his views. Whether true or not, it is a nice impression.

  2. Thanks for all your work in 2010, and best wishes to you for 2011!

  3. Happy New Year, Mishanp!
    This is my favorite chess site. Thank you for a year of great translations!

  4. Christmas is long gone now. Svidler interview now. Svidler does not need to proofread it.

  5. Happy new year Colin!

  6. We LOVE reading Kramnik interviews. I think Nikitin was full of shit. and I’m glad to see Kramnik with a high morale and motivation.

    Thanks for all the stuff at 2010, wish you a good 2011!

  7. While he is not beyond occasionally inserting some competitive psychology into his remarks, on almost all occasions, including this one, Kramnik’s statements are refreshingly straightforward. He really seems to have his head screwed on right. Notice how he utterly dismisses joining the ex post facto blogosphere whining about the scoring system in London; he gives it no credence whatsoever. That shows class. Contrast Vladimir’s responsible remarks with, for example, Nakamura’s statement about his own performance in London last year: “I finished last due to the highly questionable football scoring system.”

    Nikitin somehow seems to criticize Vladimir for having a successfully created for himself a contented life. In contrast, my reaction to what Vladimir has accomplished on and off the board is to say to him: “Well deserved!”

  8. I would also like to thank you for your work. Reading your translations always makes my day. Thanks again and all the best for 2011!

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