5 responses to “Morozevich: “The Higher League wasn’t in my plans””

  1. Nice to see Moro back!

  2. I missed him, he brings so much creativity to the chess.

  3. Wodzu’s message captures my feelings about Morozevich’s comeback. His creativity and unpredictability are now accompanied by an aura of mystery about him.

    Wodzu is Polish, I guess, so can he or mishanp help me understand why Morozevich’s name is spelled Moroziewicz in Polish? It is not pronounced like that in Russian, right? The soft ‘z’, I mean.

  4. Polish spelling reflects the Russian pronunciation more precisely than the English spelling. ‘Z’ is soft (but the Polish soft ‘z’ is pronounced somewhat different from the Russian soft ‘z’).

  5. Moro’s is my favourity Iwish him all the best

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