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English news

    Besides a free playing platform the world’s most popular chess website now has GM blogs, news and other content for those interested in top-level chess
  • Chess24
    The best site for watching top-level chess tournaments
  • ChessBase
    News page of the pioneering computer chess software company
  • Chessdom
    Bulgarian-based site with basic but quick news coverage and a popular game broadcast system
  • Chessgames
    A lively chess community built around a database of games
  • FIDE
    The official website of the World Chess Federation
  • The Chess Drum
    Daaim Shabazz’s website focuses on African chess and other areas underrepresented in the mainstream chess media
  • The Chess Mind
    Blog by Dennis Monokroussos with regular chess analysis and links and commentary on a wide range of chess news
  • The Week In Chess
    Mark Crowther’s long-running site is the best place to look for reliable results, cross tables and PGN files, and now includes reports

Players' websites

Russian news

  • Chess Moscow
    Regularly updated site with news from the world capital of chess and beyond
  • Chess-News
    Russian chess site providing rapid news, interviews and reports
  • ChessPro
    Russian chess site with irregular but high-quality articles, online commentaries and a popular forum
  • Crestbook
    Site established by Sergey Shipov, featuring his chess commentary, extensive interviews and a lively forum
  • e3e5
    Alexander Kentler’s site with chess news links and quick summaries
  • Extra Time
    Chess section of an Azerbaijan website which has excellent coverage when local players are involved
    The Russian Chess Federation website has good coverage of general chess news, exclusive material and serves as the homepage for RCF events