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English news

  • Chess Cafe
    Long-established site with regular columns by well-known chess figures
  • Chess.com
    Besides a free playing platform the world’s most popular chess website now has GM blogs, news and other content for those interested in top-level chess
  • ChessBase
    News page of the pioneering computer chess software company
  • Chessdom
    Bulgarian-based site with basic but quick news coverage and a popular game broadcast system
  • Chessgames
    A lively chess community built around a database of games
  • ChessVibes
    Chess news site featuring reports, book reviews, GM blogs and professional chess videos
  • FIDE
    The official website of the World Chess Federation
  • Spraggett on Chess
    Probably the only “adult-only” chess blog, but the Canadian GM’s site is also one of surprisingly few sources of regular GM analysis and comment
  • Streatham & Brixton
    This chess blog – the name refers to a London chess club – features some of the best chess writing anywhere
  • The Chess Drum
    Daaim Shabazz’s website focuses on African chess and other areas underrepresented in the mainstream chess media
  • The Chess Mind
    Blog by Dennis Monokroussos with regular chess analysis and links and commentary on a wide range of chess news
  • The Week In Chess
    Mark Crowther’s long-running site is the best place to look for reliable results, cross tables and PGN files, and now includes reports

Players' websites

Russian news

  • Chess Moscow
    Regularly updated site with news from the world capital of chess and beyond
  • Chess-News
    Russian chess site providing rapid news, interviews and reports
  • ChessPro
    Russian chess site with irregular but high-quality articles, online commentaries and a popular forum
  • Crestbook
    Site established by Sergey Shipov, featuring his chess commentary, extensive interviews and a lively forum
  • e3e5
    Alexander Kentler’s site with chess news links and quick summaries
  • Extra Time
    Chess section of an Azerbaijan website which has excellent coverage when local players are involved
  • ruchess.ru
    The Russian Chess Federation website has good coverage of general chess news, exclusive material and serves as the homepage for RCF events