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  1. Thank you Mishanp! Fascinating read. I miss having chess commantary at that level in the English speaking world.

    In particular I’m impressed by his optimism and evident love of chess. He’s not afraid of computers and of the alleged draw death. He goes as far as saying that even solving chess mathematically (which experts say will not happen in our lifetime) would not kill the game as a competitive sport.

    But would we still be interested in it to the same extent? What’s more important, the objective evaluation of a position or the subjective possibility that a player would make mistake in that position? Shipov says in this review, clearly the latter, but it is a controversial thing to say. At the present time, we are interested in both. If chess will be solved – there would be no post-game analysis, since all the answers about each position will already be known, so there will be loss of interest in my opinion.

    Regarding Carlsen and the world championship: he doesn’t refer to the wide-spread opinion that Carlsen’s style of play (and opening preparation) is very much suited for tournaments, and hasn’t been challenged in a one-on-one match. If you have a chance to speak with him, I wonder what he would say about it.

  2. I am happy you are back! One can’t live on TWIC, Chessbase and Chessvibes (with all its silly trolls) alone. Chess in Translation (and Chessmind) are informative, serious, and fun to read. Thanks!

  3. Finally you throw us a bone Colin :) but nonetheless its satisfying ! Make I take the liberty to demand more ? :)

  4. Colin,
    Will Shipov be commenting on the Candidates ?

  5. So only the Russians get all the goodies :(
    But we will keep hopping here just in case you decide to throw us some more bones :)

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