5 responses to “Two cats and three computers: Sergey Shipov at work”

  1. A fabulously interesting article on Shipov’s work. I haven’t yet had time to watch the videos (I will, over the weekend), but I love Shipov’s implicit response to the ADD-suffering “chess fans” who complain about the match being boring. I wonder whether it is mainly a generational thing or “cultural” thing (with the chess fans on the Internet being USians to a large extent).

  2. loved reading and watching. thanks as always.

  3. Thanks Shipov for the superb commentaries and mishanp for the eminently enjoyable translations. I also hope that the translations on Dana’s blog site could appear as and when Shipov commentates live to make it more exciting.

  4. So far, the best chess analyst at the present day.

  5. Difficult to object to this statement. And he is CLEAR and psychological!

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