13 responses to “Sergey Shipov’s commentary on Anand-Gelfand, Game 8”

  1. Gelfand’s impressive; in his first WCC he’s made it to the top of the blunders hall of fame.
    1. Chigorin, 2. Gelfand, 3. Karpov, 4. Kramnik

  2. I am happy that Anand had won being a diehard Anand supporter. But all the same it makes me sad to see Gelfand making such moves, where has his solidity gone all of a sudden!

  3. Thanks Colin for the excellent work as usual !

  4. Anand played d4, Gelfand’s strong opening in this tournament, and managed to beat him brilliantly.
    As rightly said by GM Mr. Shipov, Gelfand couldnt hold on to his nerves.

  5. Its simply proved that the negative side effects played its role in this game. And there may be antidotes in Grunfeld but finding and applying the antidotes for negative effects is too hard. One who can find and apply the antidotes positively can maintain the boosted confidence.


  6. yusupov-geller or zherebukh-feller? or maybe i missed something…

  7. misspelled feller as geller in prev commment

  8. Love Shipov’s comentary in Russian. Very funny language. The english translation does a great injustice to Shipov’s colorful russian slang! Shipov’s variations are deep and logical and are at the GM level.

  9. @ChessBlood: If you are fluent in Russian (including Russian slang), why do you read the English version?

    I guess most visitors of this site (certainly me) have just two possibilities: learn Russian – which would be quite time-consuming if at all possible – or rely on mishanp’s translations. Some phrases or jokes may be hard or even impossible to translate, I sometimes had similar problems translating from other languages (German, Dutch, French) into English … . And, as mishanp correctly points out, live translation of live commentary means constant time trouble which might (slightly) affect the quality of the product? Shipov himself probably couldn’t do the same job in English (maybe only Svidler is bilingual enough).

  10. Fritz came up with a way for black to get an extra pawn by delaying the knight move and evaluates black as ahead:

    17…Re5 18. Kc2 Rf5 19. Qe2 Rxh5 20.3 Bh3 Nc6 21. dxc6 Qxc6

  11. Excellent analysis, GM Shipov. Many thanks for posting this and keeping it on the net. Cheers.

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