3 responses to “Sergey Shipov’s commentary on Anand-Gelfand, Game 11”

  1. “If you could put a strong grandmaster from the mid-twentieth century in Gelfand’s place, say Petrosian, Keres, Smyslov, Polugaevsky or Spassky, there’d have been more chances of a win because those people wouldn’t have stopped to think for half an hour or forty minutes. They’d have calmly continued to play chess and they’d have had chances, because objectively Black doesn’t equalise here…”

    Kramnik tried, lost twice with White and was done …

  2. Teh english transalation lost so much vigor and funny language used by Shipov, no fun reading the English commentary. Feel sorry for all those who couldn’t hear Shipov’s commentary.

    As to the game – clearly lost opportunity for Gelfand. Bd7 – dubious move that could have been exploited…

  3. What more do we need now to spot the bias in Shipov?. But why should he be biased of all the people?

    I did not enjoy this sheer absence of neutral tone in every single game in Shipov narratives. Maybe others dont see it the way I do; Shipov’s choice of text & tone is dissing the world champion way too much.
    I like both Boris and Anand as true gentlemen, worthy of being here by the sheer dint of what they continue to achieve in chess world. And will continue to read Shipov – Do still look forward to a more balanced analysis for 12th game.

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