17 responses to “Sergey Shipov to commentate on the rapid tie-breaks”

  1. great effort man! especially like the way you’ve prepared links to the 4 rapid games (was wondering how you’d do this). again, great effort! thanks (been a long time since i said that)!

  2. not doing the tal memorial?

    hope u’re gonna put up some interviews, or atleast the post game analysis extracts (saw moroz munching away in Russian with a pretty (hot?) lady near him… missed an interpreter)

    All these guys do speak english, why the hell do they have to munch Russian?

  3. I saw this link at a chessvibes report

    And I keep changing the number at the end of this url to have a look at various videos. is there a link on the site that has a list of all such highlights?

  4. yep, didn’t think of that!! thanks!

  5. this is soooo heart-wrenching. Have to read ‘i play against pieces’ one more time.

  6. great work on the olympiad; loved the pre-rest-day photo report. pono found the chair too soft to sit on!! typical chess player…

  7. Yes, please do resume posting here at Chess in Translation! Best chess reading on the net.

  8. Hey Colin, will you return to post in WhyChess? or will you go back to this website?!

  9. Colin
    Is your new website related to chess ?
    We seriously do miss your posts.

  10. Thats great !
    Is the website active ?

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