26 responses to “Sergey Shipov to commentate live on Kramnik – Aronian”

  1. Good luck with the commentary, Colin. It must be hard work, but hopefully rewarding too!

  2. great to see you do your best work after a long time.
    Having a live player on at chessvibes is great; but one severe drawback is that each time after refreshing I have to scroll down to the board, and click to go to the end.

    Should be easy to fix, I think. If that’s fixed, then it’s all PERFECT.

  3. also, the player needs to be bigger since there’s a LOT of text commentary. A bigger player like the ones in the blogs at chessvibes, or the big one here on your site would be good.

  4. How are things?

    Save your breath :-)
    Another duck-out in round one from Kramnik.
    Just testing, I suppose, like he did against Anand.
    Trouble is, Aronian is on the ball.

    Maybe tomorrow a proper game?
    Looking forward to that.

  5. the commentary was a bit disappointing; none of the usual shipovian statements especially no literary refs.
    maybe he’s a bit rusty.

    anyway, looking forward to the rest of the week. all the best!!

  6. ah, so it’s u who’s rusty -;)

  7. Glad you’re back. Eagerly look forward to the commentary.

  8. ah!! R3 was glorious… thank you!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the Zurich commentary at chessvibes.

    Excellent as always – neither Shipov nor you have lost the charm!

    Hope this continues for the WCC?

  10. No live commentary for Anand Gelfand?

  11. Thanks for the outstanding transalation of Anand-Gelfand. Its something we have come to take for granted and I was afraid we won’t get it this time.

  12. this is outrageously ridiculous.
    did I miss the live commentary?? WHY o WHY can’t you put up a post on the main page!!! ???
    I don’t see one even now!

  13. and you’re actually doing it on your player!
    this is the ideal scenario i’d wanted always.
    Thank you (and especially for not getting offended at my outburst)

  14. it isn’t Na6, seems it’s a6

  15. If the e3-bishop retreats to b1

    should be e4-bishop

  16. ya, pity he’s hardly talking about the game at hand (thankfully you’re filling in that part)

  17. Shipov, mishanp, Anand and Gelfand must be glad that the match doesn’t have Sofia rules (the only way to keep such a game going beyond move 30 or 40).

  18. ya, Nigel did start discussing the game a bit more towards the end, so overall he was good.
    Nice to see that Short praised Rfe8 while Shipov had his doubts…
    awaiting svidler very very eagerly.

    Also, love the chance to learn about Russian history/culture during these Shipov commentaries.

  19. exchange sacrifice on e4

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