17 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on the Candidates Final, Game 5”

  1. ” Gelfand is having a long thing “

  2. “Perhaps the queen will come to e2”. is it d3?

  3. oh no!!! not an edge, not a clear edge!
    could you please ask Shipov to keep saying the game is drawish, and it’s gonna be a dull draw (Even it goes against his duties as a commentator)?
    (he started it well the way he ended his video sterday).

  4. “Let’s say, with Qc7-b6 and Be7-d8-c7”
    Qc7-b8 ?

  5. how the f*** can Grischuk miss e5?? (sorry, needed a vent)

  6. “[It seems that after 35…Qa8 Gelfand didn’t like the squeeze 36. b6”

  7. I’d expected Gelfand to do a Topalov (overpress as white in fear of tiebreaks)… but it seems the opposite is going on. Can’t understand why I’m rooting for Grischuk so strongly :)

  8. Nunn’s principle in english actually is LPDO (Loose Pieces Drop Off)

  9. Shipov must’ve taken to cognac on seeing Bxh4… sorry for the verbiage today colin, if u decide to block me, please warn so i can shut up

  10. “an important nuance, making it possible to remove the pressure on the e4-pawn ”

  11. alas! Grischuk lays down his life at the altar of chess fans …

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