4 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on the Candidates Final, Game 4”

  1. This is getting boring, man.

  2. there’s no getting, it already is.

  3. You gyus obviously didnt read the comments , but have just counted the moves , and noted the result.

    The game is full of fine tactical and strategical ideas , and the ending position is dead draw in the oppinnion of both GMs, as quoted here.

  4. “golden treasury” stuff finally!!! been waiting for this one since the start of the candidates -:)

    colin, one small suggestion: the pre-live-game post on the homepage is very useful as we’ve discussed many times before; but it has one drawback – i tend to forget to read the post-game comments which are updated much later. Maybe you could adopt a chessVibes-style summary with “IN-progress” and “Full Story” in bold at the end??

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