7 responses to “Shipov’s live commentary on Candidates QF, Game 1”

  1. yay!! me so so happy :) :)

  2. Thanks for share all your wonderful comments GM Shipov. Greetings from Colombia.

  3. GM Shipov, many thanks for the wonderful live commentary. Without that, i wont understand what’s going on

  4. missed 2nd round…. please please take time out for a new post on homepage before the game starts….

  5. Thank you! and keep up this good work!

  6. hehe, funny you being apologetic after doing all this great work/service … dunno what to say, hope the apology was sarcastic -:)

    i prefer it as you’ve been doing it (because i don’t read the sidebars, and the live commentary is BIG news, and should be at the head).

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