One response to “Shipov’s final letter from Aix-les-Bains”

  1. I’ve had an idea regarding computer cheating.

    We could conduct an experiment. Two GMs of equal strength playing lets say 2 or 4 standard games. ONLY ONE OF THEM would be aware of this experiment.

    The experiment is simple – we allow one “insider” GM to use computer recommendation 5 times during the game.

    He gets to choose when he want to see a move. He can only get ONE MOVE. No variations nothing else. Just simply an information – Rybka’s (or whatever strong engine) first choice in this position is move – X.

    I think everyone gets my point. Repeating this experiment few times could shed some light as to how big of help it would be to know best moves only 5 times. How would it impact the result of the games?

    I guess some better chess players (I’m just around 2100 elo) or smarter people (maybe correspondence players?) can correctly predict what will happen. I can’t. So I would like to see that experiment done.

    What do you guys think about it?

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